Sharing Crypto Keys in AEM 6.3

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Sharing Crypto Keys in AEM 6.3

In order to read data on one instance that was secured on another, you need to sync the Crypto keys across all of your instances. Prior to AEM 6.3, you would package up /etc/key and share it between your author and publish servers (See: How to Use Crypto support in Adobe CQ / AEM). However, in AEM 6.3 the Crypto keys were moved out of the JCR to make them more secure in case someone gains access to your CRXDE. Side note, ensure the public can't access CRXDE by going through the AEM 6.3 Security Checklist.

In order to sync the Crypto keys between servers in AEM 6.3:

  1. Find the bundle Id for com.adobe.granite.crypto.file, for example, 21. You can navigate to /system/console/bundles/com.adobe.granite.crypto.file to see the Id.
  2. Navigate to /crx-quickstart/launchpad/felix/bundle<Id>/data in the file system.
  3. Copy the two files: hmac and master from the source instance to the target instances.
  4. Restart the target com.adobe.granite.crypto bundle or the entire AEM instance.
There is a way to make AEM 6.3 read the Crypto keys from the JCR like you're currently familiar with, however, this is not recommended if you can avoid it. Start AEM 6.3 with the -Dcom.adobe.granite.crypto.file.disable=true flag. Note that this must happen on the first startup of the instance. The instance will not change behavior once AEM has been started with or without the flag.


Miguel | August 28, 2017 at 03:48 PM | Reply

Thanks Nate, this was really helpful! We were having some issues with Oauth and the user log in/registration process in general, but this did the trick.

Rohit Jain | October 26, 2017 at 05:00 PM | Reply

Hi Nate, one observation - for 6.3 instances that were upgraded in place from earlier 6.x versions, we still need to go the old way of syncing via package manager. The upgrade migration steps do not do the following "in AEM 6.3 the Crypto keys were moved out of the JCR ". Thanks for posting!

Federico | December 13, 2017 at 06:30 AM | Reply

This is brilliant, thank you. Official documentation on this feature: For google searchers: if using the old method of key migration the error is: Caused by: com.rsa.jsafe.JSAFE_PaddingException: Invalid padding

EllAlople | March 20, 2019 at 09:54 AM | Reply

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In the first half of the week it is possible to exit the side range to the nearest support levels. Last Wednesday the <b>BCH</b> price set a weekly high around 307.00 USD, but by Friday the sellers had returned the pair below the support of 275.00 USD. Last weekend, the pair moved in a positive direction again. On Sunday morning, the pair recovered to its weekly high. Yesterday afternoon you can see a small bearish spike on the volumes, which rolled the price back to the level of 38.2% Fibo (289.51 USD). If the buyers will be able to consolidate above it, the next high can be expected in the area of 315.00 USD. If the bears resume pressure, the rollback will continue below the support of 275.00 USD. <b>The Litecoin</b> price was lower than the hourly EMA55 for most of last week. After a weekly high around 61.00 USD, bears pressed the price against the POC line (58.20 USD) and did not issue above 78.6% Fibonacci (59.31 USD). Buyers are now trying to test the upper limit of the side range. There is a small possibility of a breakthrough in the area of 64.00 USD, but on the daily frame the indicator lines of the Stoch RSI in the overbought zone, so it is more likely that in the first half of the week the Litecoin price is expected to decline to the support of 54.00 USD. <b>EOS</b> Until the end of the week, the bears failed to push the lower boundary of the sidewall at 3.20 USD and the price continues to move sideways. The POC line (3.345 USD) limits the buyers from above. At the weekend, the EOS tried to recover above the â fair priceâ line, but it failed to consolidate on small volumes in this area. Now the consolidation continues, and if the buyers manage to break above the average price level, it is possible to re-test the purple trend line. In the medium term, we should expect a decrease in support for 3.05 USD. At the weekend, the <b>XLM</b> price rolled back to support the yellow uptrend line and stayed above the average price level. Capitalization of Stellar Lumen allows the asset to take the tenth place in the CoinMarketCap rating and successfully compete with TRON, which was pushed to the 11th line of the list last week. Today the price will try to stay above the two-hour EMA55, but soon the bearish pressure may increase and the pair will roll back below the POC line (0.063 USD). Source

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An error in the code of the Internal BitMEX Bitcoin Exchange system for mass emails has resulted in the disclosure of user email addresses. Other personal data was not disclosed. On Friday, November 1, the majority of users of the site received a letter notifying them of changes in the calculation of indexes for pricing derivative products. However, in the field â To:â the exchange disclosed the addresses of other recipients. The distribution was carried out in packs of 1000 people each. Accordingly, each letter disclosed 1000 addresses. Some users received correct notifications without compromising the data or did not receive the letter at all. After the incident, the security service identified several accounts carrying out suspicious activity. Their owners had to change their passwords and in some cases pass an additional check in the support service. The exchange almost immediately closed the withdrawal for accounts: without two-factor authentication; Withdrawals after address compromising; Withdrawals to previously unknown Bitcoin addresses; incoming from previously unknown IP addresses. BitMEX urged all users to install 2FA on their mail and stock account. Representatives of the organization also explained that shortly after the incident, an unknown person took control of the Twitter-page of the exchange for six minutes. Source

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